Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Giveaway!

I will be moving back to the U.S. very soon and wanted to share some yummy Italian treats with my readers.

Up for grabs: Pasta, Spicy Olive Oil, Tomato Paste, Gelato, Baci Candy, Duplo Candy Bars & Ringo Cookies!

Leave a comment with your favorite go-to week night meal (and a link/recipe if possible!). A meal that you know is fantastic, easy and you can always fall back on.

For example, I always make some version of my spicy chicken... it can be a crowd pleaser or just for my husband and me.

Here is a version of my recipe that I sometimes make, Chicken Parmesan.

This competition is open to
EVERYONE and will run until October 2nd. One lucky winner will be announced Monday, October 5th!

Good luck!


  1. Hey there, It seems that I always go to pasta dishes when in doubt! Recently I've made a breakfast pasta dish that I fell in love with. It is quick and easy and VERY TASTY! Any leftovers can be transformed into casserole for the next meal!

  2. What a wonderful contest you are putting together! Everyone wins with all the great recipes presented...I love it!

    Are you bummed at all that your coming back to the states? What a change when you moved out of the states and now you have to adjust to the change of moving back. You will do great!

  3. My favorite go to is grilled chicken with rice and broccoli. My hubby cooks the chicken on our grill after drizzling olive oil on it and adding lemon pepper. I steam some broccoli and cook up some brown rice. Just gave you the recipe. :) It's quick, easy, and healthy.

  4. creamy cajun shrimp linguine. i sub the pasta with whatever i have on hand (usually penne) and i add broccoli, pease, or anything else i'm in the mood for. it comes together quickly AND its a light meal :)

  5. I love quiche, and it really is easy. Here's a link to my favorite recipe:
    If you don't feel like chopping onions, cooking bacon, and shredding cheese, you can always do what I do--cheat! I buy already chopped onions, cooked, crumbled bacon (the real stuff), and shredded cheese. It makes putting these together a snap, and they're so delicious!!

  6. Give me a rotisserie chicken and I have a handful of go to meals to choose from: chicken BBQ pizza, chicken noodle soup, chicken pot pie, lemon chicken pasta, chicken salad, etc. Some of these are just assembly, but others require easy cooking and we also end up with a tasty dish!

  7. what a great giveaway! my go to weeknight meal is garlic cheddar chicken served with pasta and red sauce :)

  8. oooh I just noticed my comment is dated Oct 3.... I hope I am not too late entering (it is still Oct 2 here in the US!)

  9. Oh no, I missed the deadline! Oh well, I'll still tell about my go-to meal. I learned it in a cooking class in Italy, actually! :) I always have a huge bushy basil plant sitting in my yard, so whenever I'm lacking ideas - I whip up a batch of this pesto, mix it in with some grilled chicken, pasta and broccoli.

    You're so sweet to be doing such an amazing give-away like that!!!

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